Do you know its the Law In the U.S to have your website ADA Compliant?

Your Online Presence has to be ADA ( Americans with Disability Act ) compliant, meaning that your Site(s) need to be made accessible to web users who have a Disability. We can solve this problem for you in a professional, curteous and cost-effective way. Simply complete the form below, and we will check your Websites Compliance FOR FREE. This process is Safe and Confidential. Help us save your Business a substantial amount in potential Fines and Legal Bills
Non Compliance can cost

You can avoid substantial Legal fees and fines

Lost Revenue

The online Market share for  web users with a Disability is approx  B$650 a year, you could potentially lose money

Web Traffic

Any Site thats ADA Compliant gets more traffic from the search engines, resulting in more sales for your Business